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Debit Card Advantages and When to Reach for Your Debit vs. Credit Card

  • 7 17 Staff
Debit and credit cards look nearly identical, enable you to make purchases more conveniently and can even offer rewards. But that’s where the similarities stop.

4 Ways to Build Your Credit as a College Student

  • 7 17 Staff
Building a strong credit history is important, and it’s never too early to start. A credit score will carry a lot of weight for certain milestones in the future, such as getting your own apartment, house, auto loan and even other student loans or student debt consolidation.

4 Ways To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

  • 7 17 Staff
Credit card debt has become a massive problem for many American households. The market for credit cards has become very competitive, so it’s easy for consumers to qualify for new credit cards. As a result, many families find themselves struggling to pay off credit card debt.

How Can You Manage Credit Card Debt When Inflation Is on the Rise?

  • 7 17 Staff
Many people are feeling the impacts of inflation. What once was a nice night out or a usual trip to the grocery store may now be a stressful experience because of rising prices, from eggs and frozen pizza to dinner at your usual restaurant. The stress created by rising prices is combined with the stress of balancing necessities...

Important credit card safety tips to protect your personal information

  • Francesca Sacco
It’s important to be proactive and keep your credit card information safe year-round to avoid identity theft. While safeguarding your credit cards often comes down to common sense, fraudsters are always on the hunt for passwords and PINs. If fraudsters are successful in gaining your personal information, it can prove to be...