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Will Debt Consolidation Help My Credit Score?

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Debt has reached record highs in 2022. This high debt balance includes student loans, personal loans and credit cards, leaving many adults in the U.S. searching for relief from the overwhelming amount of debt.

How Do Student Loans Really Affect Your Credit Score?

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If you took out student loans for your college education, you may be wondering how student loans affect credit scores.    Your credit score is one of your most important assets and impacts many things in your life, such as your ability to rent an apartment, purchase a house or car, or apply for a personal loan or credit card....

Debt Consolidation: Learn How To Do It The Right Way With Our Calculator

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Having debt isn’t always a bad thing. Mortgages and car loans are valuable tools to help you afford larger purchases. However, there’s a certain point where the debt can get out of hand and jeopardize your financial wellness. But there are steps you can take to address your debts and rebuild your finances.    Debt consolidation...