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Cashless Convenience: The Pros of Embracing Debit Card Technology

young woman using her debit card to make a mobile purchase


Many people have a debit card that they frequently use. Most people may not consider how beneficial it is and the debit card advantages that come with it, such as rewards and incentives. Today we’re exploring debit cards, security features and how to use digital banking tools to your advantage.


The Streamlined Convenience of Debit Cards

Debit cards have streamlined the financial experience and are widely used and accepted by retailers.


Debit cards are easy to grab and put into a wallet, pocket or small bag, making them more compact and convenient than handling a checkbook or cash. Debit cards also stay valid for years and help with a faster checkout process, sometimes even with the additional benefits of tap-to-pay (more on that below).


Security Features That Keep Your Money Safe

Nothing is absolutely perfect when it comes to protecting yourself from theft, but there’s a lot that you can do to minimize your risk. There are a few built-in debit card advantages that make purchasing easier while keeping your money safe from fraud.



A chip card consists of the typical magnetic stripe as well as an embedded silver or gold microchip. This has become a fairly recent development in the U.S., only being adopted in 2015 after it was first introduced in Europe. The technology has since become a global standard.


The chip makes it harder for people to commit certain types of fraud. For example, it’s harder to skim financial information from the card. The chip also encrypts your financial information when used at a chip-enabled payment terminal.



The use of tap-to-pay cards (or contactless cards) gained traction during the pandemic as a way to maintain a clean card. Beyond just preventing the spread of germs, this handy feature has security measures similar to that of a chip card.


Each time the contactless payment feature is used, a security code is generated that protects your financial information. You don’t have to worry about paying for someone else’s purchase at a store—you need to be within 1-2 inches of the payment terminal to make the transaction. This is a feature that’s unique to contactless payment cards.


To tell if you can make a contactless transaction, look for a symbol on your card that looks like the Wi-Fi symbol with a few curved lines. This symbol may also be somewhere on the terminal, or it may say “tap to pay.”


How To Use Digital Banking Tools To Your Advantage

Because your debit card is tied to your checking account, it can be much easier to create and follow a realistic budget and track your spending. By using your debit card and checking account mobile app, you can manage and track your spending in real time. You’ll see where you made impulse purchases and how much you’re spending on subscriptions, and you’ll prevent yourself from overspending.


By monitoring the digital banking tools associated with your debit card, you’ll be able to proactively monitor for fraudulent transactions and track your budget so you can optimize your spending and budget from month to month.


Debit Card Advantages

Your credit card doesn’t have to be the only card in your wallet that gives you rewards and incentives. There are also several debit card advantages and incentives beyond cutting down on credit card debt, including:

  • Quick access to cash: When you need cash quick, your debit card has your back. If you use an in-network ATM, you may be able to avoid ATM fees.
  • Avoiding merchant fees: Some small retailers, restaurants and businesses may charge a fee for using a credit card but not for a debit card.
  • Rewards and incentives: Depending on the credit union or bank you use, you may be able to take advantage of a debit card that comes with rewards. The rewards may not be as extensive as those that come with credit cards, but they can help you better manage your credit card usage while giving you points for everyday purchases.


A Debit Card That’s Everything You Need and More

A debit card is an important part of your financial tools. But it can do more than just give you quick access to your money—it can also be a tool with added fraud protection and incentives that reward you for using your debit card. Check out our Rewards Debit Card to learn more about the incentives and advantages that come with this financial tool.