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Mobile Deposit: How to Deposit a Check using 7 17’s Mobile App

Did you know with 7 17 Credit Union’s free Mobile Banking App you can deposit your paper checks anywhere you go, day or night, by using the camera on your phone or device!? Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s order to stay home, this tool is a great way to avoid disruptions to your regular routine.
It’s quick and easy! All you have to do is provide some information about your deposit and snap a picture! Your check will be deposited quickly into your 7 17 checking account without having to visit one of our drive-thrus or ATMs.

Plus, Mobile Deposit’s security features provide peace of mind:

  • Check images are not stored on your device
  • Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) authenticates users at login
  • Requires strong passwords and times out after idleness
  • Data transmitted using SSL/TLS encryption to secure your account information
  • No account information is stored or cached in your device

Here’s how to get started:
Download the app
Download 7 17’s Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet from an official app store like Google Play or the Apple App Store. Be sure to keep your smartphone or tablet up-to-date to help keep it secure.
Don’t forget to sign
Signing the back of your check, or endorsing the check, is still a necessity. Mobile deposits require an additional step. When preparing a check for a mobile deposit, be sure to include “for mobile deposit” under your signature. Some of our newer checks include a check box beneath the signature line that simply allows members to select the mobile deposit option when necessary. Adding or selecting the “for mobile deposit” on the back of your check helps to protect you from fraud.
Navigating the app
Once you’re in the app, select “Check Deposit” from the navigation menu along the bottom portion of the app. From there, you’ll enter the amount of the check and then select the camera icon to take a picture of the front and back of the check. Once you’re done taking the pictures, click “Deposit” to complete your transaction.

  • Deposits made before 3 p.m. will be posted by midnight of the same day. After 3 p.m., your deposit will be posted by midnight on the following business day
  • Members are only able to deposit a check using Mobile Deposit into their 7 17 checking account
  • Please keep the check for 60 days after it becomes visible in your checking account history. Once your check clears without issues, we recommend you shred the check to prevent fraud and avoid unintentional repeat deposits
  • Notifications will be sent to the email* we have on file for the following:
    • Rejected deposits
    • Successful deposits

*Please be sure your email address is updated with 7 17 Credit Union
Mobile deposits limits and policies
To prevent fraud, there are daily dollar limits for deposits. Deposits limits depend on the account and the member’s relationship with the credit union. In most cases, funds from approved deposits are available immediately.
If you have questions or issues, please contact the credit union. To learn more information about 7 17’s Mobile Deposit, visit