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Simplify the holiday season with mobile banking

Happy woman using her mobile phone while holiday shopping in the city


It’s hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is rapidly approaching. While it’s generally considered to be the most wonderful time of the year, the stress of multiple social engagements, cooking, shopping and trying to stay on budget can become overwhelming. Rejoice! 7 17's NetWorth24 Online Banking and Mobile Banking App are at the ready to make your life a little saner for the holidays. Before your planning kicks into high gear, let’s take a minute to review its helpful features.

Bill Pay
Using Bill Pay is an easy, convenient way to assure that your bills are paid on time. You can easily set reminders and schedule future and recurring payments without having to worry about writing a check and getting it into the mail on time. Plus, you can save a few bucks – an added bonus this time of year – by not having to buy stamps or drive to the post office. 

Account Alerts
Ever have that moment when you think you have a certain amount in your account, but it turns out you were, well, wrong? Make those moments a thing of the past by setting up account alerts. These alerts, created directly through NetWorth24 Online Banking, can be sent via text, email or both to notify you of when a check clears your account, withdrawals are made, when your balance reaches a certain level, and more. You can even set reminders that loan payments are due.

Have a 7 17 Visa® Platinum Reward Credit or Debit Card? Visa Purchase Alerts can help you keep tabs on your accounts with near real-time notifications to reduce the chance for fraud and watch your spending. You’ll receive a text, email, or both shortly after your card has been used.

Mobile Banking App
7 17’s Mobile Banking App makes it easy to check your accounts, transfer money and pay your bills on the go. Watch your spending, and make sure you have what you need to cover holiday costs from anywhere. Does it get any easier than that? Actually, it does. The app also features Mobile Deposit, which allows you to deposit those checks you receive as gifts this year directly to your account without an extra trip to the Credit Union or ATM. 

Yes, the holidays are generally considered to be the most wonderful time of the year, and that also goes for those who don’t want to spread joy, like fraudsters and identity thieves. Signing up for eStatements allows you to receive your statements electronically, which means there’s less of a chance for fraudsters to get their hands on them. On a practical note, it also helps reduce that pile of mail you have to go through, which means one less task to worry about. 

KEEP IN MIND: using online and mobile banking is excellent for convenience. Just be mindful that watchful eyes can lurk where you least expect them. For an extra layer of security on your computer, consider downloading malware software. Also, try to steer clear of using public Wi-Fi when banking online.