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7 17 Credit Union introduces Personal Teller Machines

New Technology, Enhanced Service
Over the last fifty years, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have offered a convenient, self-service way to conduct your banking. As technology has developed, new machines called Personal Teller Machines (PTMs) have emerged that present a higher level of personal service.

In an effort to provide longer drive-thru hours, improve accuracy and provide members with a better, more convenient banking experience, 7 17 Credit Union has made the decision to move to these machines.

Similar in appearance to an ATM, PTMs allow members to conduct various transactions from the convenience of their vehicle.
These transactions include:

  •  Cash deposits
  • Check deposits
  • Check cashing
  • Cash and coin withdrawals
  • 7 17 loan payments
  • 7 17 Visa® credit card payments
  • 7 17 Visa® cash advances
  • 7 17 personal line of credit advances
  • 7 17 home equity line of credit advances
  • Account transfers
  • Loan payments
  • Member-to-member payments
  • Card-PIN authentication
  • Member service inquiries

Where can I find PTMs?
Members can find PTMs in the drive-thru and in the vestibule at the new Canfield branch at 4280 Boardman-Canfield Road. Members can also find PTMs at the new Larchmont branch once it opens Monday, June 3. Currently, no other locations have PTMs.

So what’s changing?
Instead of using a familiar drive-thru tube, members will now interact with the PTM. A personal teller can assist you with your transaction via two-way video or you can use the machine in self-service mode. Members are also able to put checks and cash directly in the appropriate machine slots; no envelopes are needed. The machine will count the cash and scan your checks. Additionally, member receipts will look a bit different. We have masked part of the account number and have included the account suffix for security and privacy, and an image of a deposited check will appear on the backside of the member’s receipt.

Employees will be on hand during the first month to offer assistance with the PTMs.

What’s not changing?
Members can still expect the convenience and high-level service that they’ve come to expect with 7 17. Personal Tellers are 7 17 Credit Union employees, working at our Operations Center. They have been specifically trained to help members using PTMs.
While we hope all of our members will give the PTMs a try, members are encouraged to come inside the branch to complete their transactions.

More information
For more information on 7 17 Credit Union’s PTMs, visit