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How to host a Super Bowl party for less

Super Bowl 54 is still a few weeks away (it’s Sunday, Feb.2), but it’s never too early to start planning for one of the biggest party nights of the year! Last year, Americans spent over $14.8 billion on Super Bowl parties, with the average consumer spending roughly $123. Whether you plan to watch at home or host your family and friends, we’ve compiled some tips to help you enjoy the big game for less!
Skip the decorations
No one cares if their team’s logo is plastered on their cup or plates, or if football balloons adored your mailbox and entryway. Skip the fancy, pricy decorations. Or decorations altogether. If you’ve got to have something, opt for team colors instead. Check out your local Dollar Store or discount party store for colored cups, plates, table cloths and more. Try alternating them around the room, so that both teams are represented. Super Bowl parties are fun, but not formal and shouldn’t cost a fortune. Which means you can also skip the invitations. Just send a text or email, or make a phone call instead.

It’s not a dinner party
While your guests are most certainly going to come hungry, they’re not expecting elaborate spreads. Stick to simple foods to feed your guests. Think chili, nachos and dips. Sticking to homemade items will help you stretch your dollar even further. Don’t be afraid to incorporate generic items, either. No one will know, and your pocketbook will thank you.

If it’s easier, plan on doing takeout. Most pizza joints or local restaurants offer deals for the Super Bowl, so just be sure to do some research before placing your order. If ordering in is the route you want to take, keep in mind there will be longer wait times than normal, and don’t forget to tip!

If you’re worried about having enough food for big event, try putting out half of your food when your guests arrive and the rest at halftime. Also, don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a dish or two. Just coordinate in advance so you don’t end up with 10 bags of chips.

Most people like to enjoy a brew or two during the game. But furnishing enough beer and spirits for everyone can be quite costly. Ask your guests to bring their favorite adult beverage. This cuts costs and eliminates the problem of someone not finding their drink of choice. Just make sure everyone celebrates responsibly!

Don’t wait to shop
Don’t wait until the Saturday before to shop for your party needs! If you do, you might find shelves empty or find needed items have been marked up. Start grabbing things you know you’re going to need now, and don’t forget to use coupons!

Buy in bulk
Now is the perfect time to utilize your big box memberships! Buying in bulk when feeding a room of hungry people can definitely help you save! Get your pop (it’s cheaper to buy liters, not cans), chips and appetizers from your favorite club. Beware of veggie and fruit platters, though. It’s normally cheaper to make your own!