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Ways to help support local businesses during COVID-19

Everyone is feeling a pinch from the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our local businesses, which are incredibly vital and unique to our individual communities, have fallen on difficult times. As we strive for some normalcy in our daily lives, we can make an effort to find small ways to help support local businesses.


Shop (safely). Buy from your local, independently owned businesses. You can help the small businesses you love stay in business by purchasing their products and services. Many small businesses are operating via online and phone. Online purchases are a great way to support local without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.


Buy gift cards. You can use them at your convenience. For those businesses that are forced to close, purchasing a gift card will help bridge the cash-flow gap.


Get take-out. Restaurants are making it easier for customers to order take-out. Between ordering online, utilizing curbside pickup or having it delivered, there are plenty of ways to safely enjoy a meal from your favorite place.


Leave a positive review. You can do it on any platform your like. However you choose to do it, leaving a positive review can help to drum up business. Plus, the owners and employees most likely will appreciate the support! While you’re at it, follow, like, share or comment and spread good news about your favorite local businesses!


Tip better than you normally would. If you’re patronizing a business where employees rely on tips, leave a bigger tip than you normally would. Food staff are going through a lot to make sure our favorite meals are still available. Leaving a few extra dollars is a nice way to show your appreciation.


Be flexible. We are in unprecedented times and many businesses have been forced to make difficult decisions. Try to be understanding. Many small businesses are trying out new ways to meet customers’ needs and keep themselves afloat. Whether it’s an online class or video concierge shopping spree, don’t be afraid to give it a try.


Order ahead. Many local businesses are making transactions easier and less stressful by allowing customers to order prior to arriving. This will shorten your exposure time and lessen the risk for everyone involved.


Avoid paying with cash. This is another simple way to limit the risk of exposure to employees. Credit, debit and contactless cards and options like Apple Pay or Google Pay are great ways to eliminate touching key pads or handling cash. Plus, these transactions are usually faster, getting you in and out quickly!


Stay home. If you’re feeling ill, don’t go out. A cough, a sore throat, fever or runny nose are all signs that you should stay at home. You’ll be helping local businesses by ensuring that their employees stay healthy.


These simple actions can go a long way in making a difference. If you’re interested in more ways you can help your local businesses, visit or