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Save on Back-to-School Shopping with these Tips

  • Francesca Sacco
August is here, which means the start of school is right around the corner! Start planning your back-to-school shopping now to avoid unnecessary stress and spending.

6 Most Common Reasons for Getting a HELOC

  • Admin
In addition to the value, security and personal fulfillment that comes with owning a home, the equity built up in your home can be a valuable financial resource as you face additional expenses and needs over time. Along with home equity loans and cash-out refinances, this equity can be accessed and used through a home equity...

What is Financial Literacy and Why is it so Important?

  • Francesca Sacco
According to Experian, financial literacy is the confident understanding of concepts that include saving, investing and debt that lead to an overall sense of financial well-being and self-trust.

Get back to the financial basics this National Financial Literacy Month

  • Francesca Sacco
April is National Financial Literacy Month, so it’s the perfect time to reflect on your personal finances! Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting and investing. It is the foundation of your relationship with money, and...

Tax benefits of owning a home

  • Francesca Sacco
Are you a new homeowner or considering buying your first home? As the 2022 tax deadline – April 18 – approaches, it’s important to know what tax benefits you can take advantage of on your returns so you can maximize your savings.

The Dangers of Impulse Spending: 5 Tips To Help You Save More Money

  • Francesca Sacco
Americans make up to 156 impulsive purchases per year, according to one report — and that’s only the impulse buys they’re aware of. Many retailers and other businesses are reliant on impulse purchases to push their sales and revenues even higher. This is why businesses and their advertisers are eager to leverage the feeling of...

Myths Busted: 6 Misconceptions About Debt Consolidation

  • Francesca Sacco
For consumers with existing debt that is too high for them to pay down, debt consolidation can become an attractive option for managing this debt and creating a path to becoming debt-free. Before you start the debt consolidation process, though — or dismiss it as a poor option to address your specific debt challenges — it’s...

How Federal Interest Rate Decisions Affect Your Finances

  • Francesca Sacco
The Federal Reserve and its federal interest rate have made a lot of headlines in recent weeks and months as the agency moves forward with plans to institute multiple rate hikes in 2022. While these interest rate decisions receive a lot of attention in the media and can even cause volatility in the stock market, many consumers...

Expense Tracking Template: Use This To Track Your Monthly Budget

  • Francesca Sacco
When it comes to managing your money and improving your awareness of your own spending habits, an expense tracking solution can be exactly the tool you need to take the next steps in improving your financial wellness. Expense tracking often goes hand-in-hand with creating a personal budget because both processes are meant to...

Important changes to know about the 2022 tax season

  • Francesca Sacco
The 2022 tax season is underway, and although this year’s deadline – April 18 – is still a while off, you don’t want to delay. If you haven’t yet filed, there are a few topics you’ll want to familiarize yourself.

Common College Expenses to Budget for

  • Francesca Sacco
If you or a loved one is getting ready to head off to college in the near future, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about related expenses. While tuition is to be expected, there are quite a few other common expenses related to attending college that often go overlooked. Making an effort to plan ahead will put you in a...

Here's How Much a Low Credit Score Can Cost You

  • Francesca Sacco
Your credit score is often cited as one of your most important financial assets. But while financial experts love to discuss the risk of a low credit score, many consumers aren’t aware of the material costs that come with negative marks on their credit report. The costs of a low credit score can span many aspects of your...