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Be ready: September is National Preparedness Month

  • Beth Ann Tabak
National Preparedness Month is four weeks designed to ready you for an emergency. And, it seems that both local and national weather is cooperating to remind you of what’s at stake if you don’t have a plan in place. Advanced planning can save you valuable time and money. From the financial to the practical, here are a few ways to make sure you are ready in an emergency.

How do I choose a checking account?

  • Beth Ann Tabak
A quick guide to finding the best checking account for you

How to scope out a spoofer

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Keep yourself safe from telephone scams

Welcome to our financial education blog

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Designed with your financial success in mind, Financial Fundamentals, the 7 17 Credit Union financial education blog, offers insights, news and tips crafted to help you achieve your financial goals.

Does your financial situation scare you?

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Does your financial situation scare you? You’re not alone; a recent study found that 36 percent of working Americans are considered “financially fragile.” Read on for some tips to put you on stronger financial footing.

Save money on back-to-school shopping

  • Beth Ann Tabak
How to take savings beyond the sales

Four tips to avoiding summer travel scams

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Ready to get away this summer? We hear you! Just don’t fall prey to a fraudster. Here are four tips to steering clear of travel scams this summer.

How to stick to your budget this summer

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Ready to celebrate the summer before it’s time to head back inside for the long, cold winter? Here are a few tips to make sure your budget doesn’t go right out the window in the process.

Four tips to financially surviving a layoff

  • Beth Ann Tabak
How to keep it together during job loss

Vacation Countdown: Budgeting for summer travel

  • Beth Ann Tabak
A quick guide to saving for your getaway

Four financial tips for new college grads

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Handle your new financial reality like a pro

Five tips to talking money with your kids

  • Beth Ann Tabak
Learn how to prepare them for financial success.