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Should I Get My Car Loan Through a Credit Union or a Bank?

  • Francesca Sacco
If you’re planning on buying a vehicle soon, you’re likely going to be seeking financing for that purchase. Eighty-five percent of all new car purchases in the United States, and 53% of all used car purchases, rely on some amount of financing to close the deal. Financing can affect how much you end up paying for your vehicle...

Mortgage Options: What to Consider Before Applying

  • Francesca Sacco
Ready to hit the housing market and find your new home? The formal process starts with applying for a mortgage, getting prequalified, locking in a rate and hitting the market in search of a home that fits within your budget. Before you fill out that application, though, you’ll want to take care of some important housekeeping to...

7 17 Credit Union Scholarship Applications Now Available!

  • Francesca Sacco
As a community-minded financial institution, 7 17 Credit Union provides services and products that make a difference for our members and the communities we serve. Our products and services cover a broad range of needs, including checking, loans and for a lucky few, scholarships to offset the cost of higher education or trade...

Important information about the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

  • Francesca Sacco
As a part of the American Rescue Plan Act, enacted in March, eligible families began to receive Advance Child Tax Credit payments on July 15.

How Debt Consolidation Affects Your Credit

  • Francesca Sacco
When you find yourself swamped with debt and facing large monthly payments across multiple accounts, debt consolidation can become an attractive option to create short-term financial relief while also making a long-term plan for debt repayment. Depending on how you approach debt consolidation, though, this financial relief can...

How To Fund Your Home Improvement Projects

  • 7 17 Staff
You moved into a house that was perfect, but as your family has grown and your tastes have changed, so has your idea of the perfect home. You want to accomplish those projects you’ve had in mind for a while, but how can you achieve your home improvement goals?

8 Financial Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Credit Score

  • Francesca Sacco
Your credit score is a precious asset to your financial outlook. A great credit score will open doors to low interest rates and pain-free credit approvals that strengthen your financial stability and your purchasing power. A bad credit score is a roadblock to all of those conveniences and can end up costing you money or even...

Tips to improve your credit score

  • Francesca Sacco
2020 was a difficult year financially for many. If the pandemic impacted your finances, it’s a good idea to develop a new strategy for any financial moves you have planned, like purchasing a home or car, or readjusting saving and spending goals.

How Credit Scores Are Determined and Why They Matter

  • Francesca Sacco
You might not think about credit scores much in your day-to-day life — and if you’re just getting started managing your own money, you might have no idea what your credit score even is. But while this number might reside beyond your line of sight, it can have huge implications for your short-term finances, and it could affect...

6 Things to Consider Before Financing Your New Car

  • Francesca Sacco
When it’s time to buy a new vehicle, auto loans are a popular, low-cost financing option that increases your spending power without gouging your bank account with high interest rates. Despite the convenience and affordability of auto financing, consumers should still approach financing carefully and make sure that their auto...

Saving for Your First Home: 5 Tips to Remember

  • Francesca Sacco
Your first home is one of the biggest and most significant purchases you will ever make in your life. That first down payment is also one of the largest amounts of money you will ever have to save to afford a major purchase. Saving for your first home by setting aside the money for this down payment can require years of...

Six Tips to Remember as You Start Saving for Retirement

  • Francesca Sacco
It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. It’s also never too late—even if you have your sights set on retiring in the near future. No matter where you’re at in your career or how long you have until you retire, a commitment to saving now will pay dividends later in life. As you start saving for retirement, make sure...