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How Can You Manage Credit Card Debt When Inflation Is on the Rise?

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Many people are feeling the impacts of inflation. What once was a nice night out or a usual trip to the grocery store may now be a stressful experience because of rising prices, from eggs and frozen pizza to dinner at your usual restaurant.    The stress created by rising prices is combined with the stress of balancing...

How Do Student Loans Really Affect Your Credit Score?

  • 7 17 Staff
If you took out student loans for your college education, you may be wondering how student loans affect credit scores.    Your credit score is one of your most important assets and impacts many things in your life, such as your ability to rent an apartment, purchase a house or car, or apply for a personal loan or credit card....

Are We in a Recession? 5 Tips to Secure Your Finances

  • 7 17 Staff
Everyone has experienced inflation recently, whether it’s the rising price of food at the grocery store, an uptick in the cost of utilities, or higher premiums for other goods and services. Because of rising inflation rates, many are worried that the economy is headed toward a recession. 

Specialized Loans: Why a Smaller Loan Can Really Make a Big Difference

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Everyone is feeling their budgets becoming tighter as a result of rising inflation. From gas to eggs to clothes, prices are continuing to rise, making it harder to put aside money into savings or have funds for an emergency. 

What Is An eStatement and How Safe Is It?

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Keeping track of your spending, identifying errors and monitoring for fraud are essential activities when you have a checking account and credit card, and your monthly statements help you do those things. Consumers are increasingly choosing eStatements for their accounts rather than paper statements. As of 2020, 56% of credit...

Which Business Loan Is Right for You?

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Whether your business is already established or you’re just getting started, there are many reasons to consider applying for a business loan. However, if you’re considering a business loan, you might want to apply sooner rather than later to avoid interest rate hikes due to rising inflation.   Considering building or purchasing...

Debt Consolidation: Learn How To Do It The Right Way With Our Calculator

  • 7 17 Staff
Having debt isn’t always a bad thing. Mortgages and car loans are valuable tools to help you afford larger purchases. However, there’s a certain point where the debt can get out of hand and jeopardize your financial wellness. But there are steps you can take to address your debts and rebuild your finances.    Debt consolidation...

4 Most Common Types of Identity Theft and How to Protect Against Them

  • 7 17 Staff
Identity theft is the use of another person’s personal information, such as their name, address and Social Security Number (SSN) for personal gain. Identity theft can create many problems for those affected, including a decline in credit scores and finances. Those affected by identity theft may feel anxiety about their future...

First-Time Homeowners: This Is How to Prepare to Buy a House

  • 7 17 Staff
Are you considering purchasing your own home? Owning your own home is an exciting prospect. You’ve probably started thinking about how many rooms you want, the size of your kitchen, and if a garage is an important must-have or not.    Before getting started on planning what features you want your home to have and what you want...

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score

  • 7 17 Staff
Your credit score is one of your most important financial assets. It can affect a lot of your financial decisions such as purchasing a car or house, applying for a student loan or credit card, and even renting an apartment.    A low credit score can have many impacts on your life — and not just financially. It can also affect...

Inflation Periods in the US: How to Make Smart Economic Decisions With Inflation on the Rise

  • 7 17 Staff
Many people are currently feeling the effects of inflation, from grocery prices to the cost of gasoline, utilities and housing. Inflation is the rise in prices over a certain period of time. Prices for goods, utilities and housing have steadily risen in recent months, with the U.S. inflation rate reaching 9.1% in June.    Many...

6 Most Common Reasons for Getting a HELOC

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  In addition to the value, security and personal fulfillment that comes with owning a home, the equity built up in your home can be a valuable financial resource as you face additional expenses and needs over time.   Along with home equity loans and cash-out refinances, this equity can be accessed and used through a home...